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"Ohra ot Svile" - R.I.P 9/2011
36.8cm = 14.5 inch, 9kg = 19lb
Exported to the USA to Mr.R.E.Delaney in December 2009, in pup to "Arkan von Kostoff"
Ohra was exported by Mr.Georgi Georgiev and son Stoyan of the Belashtitza Kennels, Bulgaria.

An excellent introduction to the USA breed gene pool, an outstanding producing bitch, producing many hard working game dogs in 5 different countries and now leaving her mark here in the USA with her outstanding offspring.

Fritz, Maggie, Nellie, Oscar, Otto, Bo, Outlaw and Rooster.
"Ohra" truley missed but much appreciated for all she has left us with, a true breed legend!

"Ohra" recovering from a battle with a good fox in natural hunt in Bulgaria, she pulled the foxes face off.

Matriark and Foundation Bitch

Ohra ot Svile - 2xCAC, 2xBOB
From a conformation show standpoint "Ohra" is as close to the breed standard as one
could possibly hope for, a 2x CAC winner and 2 x BOB (Best of Breed) Ohra has an excellent scissor bite,
a great headead type terrier with a wonderful length of foreface, excellent ear carriage,
good dark eye, a wonderful reach of neck on to 45° well laid back shoulders which is
an absolute must in any working terrier, a nice topline with a super front, excellent hind quarters and angulation with well let down hocks, excellent gate with very nice tail set, excellent broken coated terrier with great texture and super dark pigment, her height is: 36.8 cm = 14" 1/2 inches

In General
"Ohra" is a wonderful little bitch with a heart of a lion who carries a phenomenal versatile working pedigreed
ancestry from the absolute best of the balkens working and show bloodliness.

Ohra ot "Svile" is the Dam of
"Vidra II ot Belashtitza" The hunting machine.
"Zheliu ot "Zlatia" - owner Vlado Dobrich.
and that great Italian boar dog

"Zhar ot "Zlatia"
LZ-8, Exported to the island of Sardinia, Italy where he's reported to be one of the top dogs
working boar and deer in Italy. Excellent!

"Ohra" is also the dam of 8 excellent game dogs in the USA"
* * * Fritz von der BG Krieger * * *
* * * Maggie von der BG Krieger * * *
* * * Nellie von der BG Krieger * * *
* * * Otto von Jagdedge * * *
* * * Oskar von Jagdedge * * *
* * * Outlaw * * *
* * * Bo * * *
* * * Rooster * * *

" Ohra is also the dam Vidra II ot Belashtitza - Bulgaria"
Vidra II on a natural hunt big fox in Bulgaria

"Ohra ot Svile" - Ancestry

Sire: "Oskar Frizervald"

Excellent boar dog and producer of some very good boar dogs
Oskar himself a winner of the 28.08.2004 CACT awarded on Boar.
Divlja Svinja Village Xitovo, Siti Dobrich Bulgaria.
Drugi sa leva CACT divo prase Bulgaria.
Owned by Alexander Radivchev , Plovdiv

Dam: "Vidra" ot Avalia

A true breed legend.

This little bitch is probably one of the top all time great producing Jagdterrier bitches in Bulgaria,
producing many great game working terriers, dam of the following

Van Dam ot Svile - 2xR.CACT-BG LZ-9
OHRA ot Svile - 2xCAC, 2xBOB
Astra von Belashtitza
Ambar von Belashtitza

Daughter of KIll, grandaughter of Ben, they just don't come any better

Owned by Georgi Georgiev - Belashtitza, Plovdiv

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