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They just don't come any better, Standard, Confirmation and Gameness

"Nellie von der BG Krieger"
Bred by Ray Delaney - "Arkan von Kostoff" x "Ohra ot Svile"

"Arkan Von Kostoff" (AKA) "The Bulgarian Warrior"

2x CACT, CACIB, 3x CAC, 2x BOB, S/ LZ-8
3x CAC, CACIB, BOB, LZ-8, 3x1 place barzinki / Sofia,
2x Saedinenie
CACT 28.04.2007 Vratsa

One of the top ranking dogs in europe in the past few years, his hunt and compition records are outstanding, one of the top ranking and producing sires in Bulgaria in the past 5 years with many of his offspring being exported to Serbia as foundation stock.

Arkan is the only 21lb dog that I know within the breed that can kill and draw 45lb badgers from their natural set with absolutley no assistence.

Arkan was awarded his 1st CACT, on 220lb Wild Boar II (26.04.2009) Banja, Duration: 6min 24sec, outstanding performance and the only dog on the day to be awarded the CACT.


Arkos, (aka) alligator mouth a double grandson of breed ledgend Džimi-Žabac

Jako Plavanski


Son of Džimi-Žabac

Jako is the sire of Bundi Deba 2 x CACT and
Bradonja, CACIT, CACT


Ch.BG Talis von Belovodski

Talis is a super game bitch, excellent bitch working fox and badger, such a game bitch, used as backup should any dog run into trouble, just an excellent hard working bitch.

direct son of Kuzmanovic Goran's Graff Sa SirijusaGraff Sa Sirijusa


"Ohra ot Svile"
2xCAC, 2xBOB

Bulgarian Import

Daughter of breed ledgend "Vidra" ot Avalia"

One of the top producing Jagdterrier bitches to come the USA , she is the dam of hunt champion offspring in Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweeden, Italy and now the USA... Just and outstanding producing bitch.

"Oskar Frizervald"

Excellent boar dog, winner of the 28.08.2004 CACT awarded on Boar. Divlja Svinja Village Xitovo, Siti Dobrich Bulgaria.
Drugi sa leva CACT divo prase Bulgaria. Owned by Alexander Radivchev , Plovdiv

"Oksa Bukovacka"

"Vidra" ot Avalia"
A true breed ledgend, producing more game champuion dogs in Bulgaria and Serbia, outstanding brood bitch.

International Champion
20xCAC, 10xCACIB, 1xR.CACIB, 16xBOB, 1xCACIT, BIS, BOG, Inter. champ, LZ-9.
"VALLY od Hajduk Veljkove"

"Nellie" A really exceptional little bitch, just like her sister
"Maggie", explosive and Intelligent.

"Nellie" nice size at 34cm
an extremely game little bitch with an outstanding cold nose!.

We are firm believers in that a kennel is only as good as the bitches it houses, a good example of that is "Nellie's" mother, "Ohra ot Svile" an incredible producing bitch, producing hunt and game tested champions in countries Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Sweeden, and now in the USA her puppies are a force to be reckoned with working boar, coon etc...

We are proud to have imported this incredible bitch "Ohra ot Svile" one of the top producing bitches in the USA

A powerful quote that was said to me when I was about 7 years of age, my grandfarther who was an excellent terrier man once said to me son, whether you are a show enthusiast or a hunter, only present to people your absolute best because!

"What you Show, Shows what you know!"

We are pround to show you "Nellie"

"Nellies" Mother - "Ohra ot Svile"
Bred by Ray Delaney - "Oskar Frizervald " x "Vidra ot Svile

"Ohra" recovering from a battle with a big fox in natural hunt in Bulgaria, she pulled the foxes face off.

" Nellies" Sister - Maggie von der BG Krieger"
Bred by Ray Delaney - "Arkan von Kostoff" x "Ohra ot Svile

Maggie, a 34cm, 16lb Arkan von Kostoff daughter battling an aggressive boar east Texas, an excellent first time performance as one could expect from an Arkan and Ohra daughter, Maggie an outstanding little bitch.
Now owned by Mr.Howard and Allison Netterville of Buffalo River Bucks Outfitter, Mississippi

" Nellies" Brother - Fritz von der BG Krieger"
Bred by Ray Delaney - "Arkan von Kostoff" x "Ohra ot Svile

"Fritz" aka (Psycho) The barn hunter, terminator killing a 19lb Bobcat
his accuracy is fantastic!.. minutes later went to battle with a 17lb Raccoon.
Fritz it now with Mr.Earl Peacock professional outfitter operation in Brazos Point, Texas

19lb Bobcat

17lb Raccoon

" Nellies" Other Sister "Vidra II ot Belashtitza"
Vidra II on a natural hunt killing a big fox in Bulgaria

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