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Delaneys Jagterrier Kennels - The Hunting Edge

About Ray Delaney ... In Show, Field and Hunt Terriers.
A keen terrier and dog enthusiast of show, field and hunt terriers for 40+ years, an ( IKC ) Irish Kennel Club life member under the kennel prifix of (Buckingham) and (Brocstock) also an AKC life member (Brocstock)

No stranger to the dog world coming from a long family history of founding members of different terrier breeds within in Ireland and the british isles.

(Grandfather - Peter Delaney) Founder member of The Irish Terrier Club, Ireland.
(Grandfather - Patrick Kelly) Wire Fox and Irish Terrier show and breed enthusiast, UK and Ireland.
(Uncle - William Delaney) Founder member of The Irish Staffordshire Buill Terrier Club, also one of the top breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, in show, field and hunt including badger dog trials, having produced more game certified badger dogs than any other enthusiast within the British Isles.

William Delaney was also the founder of the stafford gambred line known as "The Dublin Red", which is a well known stafford gamebred dog know worldwide, Delaney exporting dogs to pit bull ledgends (Ol Gray Wolf) Al Brown and Pete Sparks in the 1930's. The history of the Irish Staffords and gambreds can be viewed here "Irish Stafford "

Ray has bred, shown and hunted verious dogs over the years, Wire Fox Terriers, Russell's, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Patterdales/Fells etc... fortunate to have spent quite a number of years in the north of England, In the small towns of Nelson and Clone and Oswaldtwistle, the heart of the working terrier country, while living in the UK was heavely involved in weekly whippet racing, coursing, lamping, including earth dogs ... really enjoyed working with the many hunt terriers and hounds, Jack Russell's, Patterdales, Fells, Whippet, Lurchers etc...hunting Rat, Fox, Badger, Rabbit and Hare

Ray has imported quility Staffordshire Bull Terriers from Northern Ireland and South Africa to the USA with dogs going on to win the USA National Breed Specialty's.

Now living in the USA 14+ years I am looking forward to experiencing the dog hunt scene in another country, meeting up with fellow hunt enthusiasts exchanging stories knowledge etc... I now own and hunt quality Jagdterriers from Bulgaria and Serbia, hunting Bobcat, Raccoon, Boar etc.. also in the process of training a few young dogs for blood trail etc...

I am a big fan of most hunting and working dogs.

Falconry and Hawking:
I was a keen Irish licensed Falconer/ Austringer for many years, owning and flying, (Spars) Sparrowhawks and European Goshawks ... both nest and (wild caught) passage birds with excellent success and enjoyment all round. Favorite austringer book, A Hawk for the Bush by Jack Mavrogordato.

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