Producers of High Quality Irish Dexter Gourmet Beef,
dry aged for 21 days, the results are simply exquisite,

excellent flavour, amazing texture


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Quality Grass Fed Beef
Now Being Produced In Stephenville Texas

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Our Dexter Beef:
All our animals are 100%. naturally raised

We raise a quality healthy uniform in type herd of purebred Irish Dexter cattle that produce an excellent quality beef the way nature intended.

Family Size, Freezer Sides of Beef:
We sell whole or half sides of beef. Meat price is based on the animals live weight, typically, a 600 lb animal would provide about 375 to 400 lbs of packaged meat. The price of our grassfed Dexter beef is $2.45 lb, this price covers all the USDA processing fees, special orders and deliveries can be arranged.

We service all of the following areas:
Stephenville, Dublin, Hico, Morgan Mills, Huckabay, Lingleville, Bunyan, Johnsville, Duffau, Clairette, Highland, Bluff Dale, Glen Rose Etc...

Our Stephenville community supports us and we support our community by being able to give our clients the finest quality grass fed healthy Irish Dexter Beef at realistic prices.

The Quality of Dexter Beef:
Dexter cattle have a very nice rich taste, the meat is well marbled which gives the beef when cooked a really succulent texture, a very nice healthy choice of meat from Ireland's native breed.

Dexter cattle produce an exceptionally high-choice healthy quality type of beef which is much sought after by some the world's leading chefs such as Gordon Ramsay in the united kingdom.

Gordon Ramsay serves only the finest quality Dexter beef at his award winning restaurants worldwide, in fact he contracts with Dexter farmers and ranchers both in the USA and the UK to produce beef soley for his purposes.

Just as there are different verities of apples all having different tastes and flavors this also applies to the different breeds of cattle, all breeds of cattle have different tastes and flavors, we are not saying that our beef is the absolute best beef in Texas because there are beef producers all over the state of Texas who produce a wonderful product, what we are saying is that our dexter beef is 100% naturally raised, healty and raised they way we want it for our own family, a good clean quality high-grade healthy choice of meat with an exceptional flavor.

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Order Your Grass Fed Irish Dexter Beef

Currently sold out of Halfs and Whole carcasses until November 2015
If you would like to be placed on our 2015 order list, send us an email letting us know that you would like to be placed on the 2015 order list, email

$100 deposit, checks made payable to Delaney Cattle Co, your deposit will be added to the final price. Once we have received your deposit we will then send you a cut sheet which will need to be filled out for the processor

"Our animals enjoy a good healthy life, so you can enjoy a better taste"


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